Magic Drum

Size: 1 x 6 cm ~ Slim Version

Can Wear Below Waist Level {In Pocket/Bag)



The Key To Your Success: Getting People To See Things As You See Them

Are You Lacking Of Convincing, Persuading & Influencing Power ?

Cannot Close? Cannot Secure Your Deals? Better Jobs? Promotion? Quarrels? Conflicts? Cannot Understand ? Even The Simplest Form Of Talking To Your Target Audience?


General Enhancements & Effects: 

  • Boosting Your Charisma, Charm, Loving-kindness (Metta) – Be Super Popular

  • Sharpen Your Communication Power – Convincing & Influence (Enhance power of captivation and persuasion, ultimately resulting in better social and business relationships)

  • Positive Energy To Help You To Improve Your Self-Confidence & Calm You Down During Stressful Circumstances

  • Boosting Your Money, Wealth Fetching Luck, Businesses/Sales & Career Progression Luck ; Opportunities & Benefactors Luck

  • Protection against Harms & Dangers


Especially For Those:

  • Benefit those who wants to stand out in a crowd and aiming to be famous*** in your industry

  • Generation of fame and popularity and enhancement of relationship luck – Those who desires to be seen for their hard work

  • ideal for Business/Sales negotiation & networking

Composition Of Holy Materials

  • Broken Piece Of Old Drum’s Skin From Temple