Golden Phaya Naga

General Enhancements & Effects:

  • Enhances Attraction, Charm, Charisma & Loving-Kindness Greatly (Bewitching and Enchanting Seductive Magnetism)

  • Superb Wealth Fetching, Investment/Gambling & Business Luck ; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles (Maha Lap & Choke Lap)

  • Boosting Your Luck Greatly; Change Bad To Good Luck (Luck Replenishment Magic)

  • Overcome Your Obstacles & Hiccups In Life

  • Protection Against Dangers, Harms & Negativity

(Use it for the right purpose, don’t abuse the magic of the amulet)

Especially For Users: 

  • To pray for seeking true love, friends and people around you to love you in life

  • To Be Very Popular In Your Social Circle!!! Be Attractive and Charming for both opposite sex (UNISEX)

  • For improving businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers

  • In Customer Service/Sales & Marketing Line/Business Owners to handle NASTY Clients or Built Rapport** fast; Recommended Item For Business Networking

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*Your New Destiny, Begins Now*

Efficacious & Powerful For Charm. Wealthy. Money. & Prosperity !!!

Powered By The Twin Golden Naga Magic Subject


Tested & Proven Worldwide Magic Formula

Delivering Charming & Wealthy Luck Magic Subjects Into Single Amulet ~ Infused With A Potent Concentration Of Miracle Love Wax Chanted For Period Of 15 Year

“Strong Wave Of Energy Around Me” Quoted From My User


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