Special Tortoise Magic Amulet

Tailored For Those:

  • For great boost of businesses, increasing sales and attracting more customers
  • To use the ability to develop new avenues of wealth growth, this amulet will boost the likelihood of windfall luck (Lotteries/Investments)
  • Wearer in very bad state (Business Failure, Unemployed, In Huge Debts to repay and etc.)
  • Strengthen the harmony of the family, protecting inhabitants within, providing excellent family blessings, safety and security to kids and women


The Greatest Symbol Of Wealthy, Windfall & Fortune Luck: Special Tortoise Magic Amulet

Moving Forward & Onward, Never Backwards

The Ideal Item To Empower Your Life With Great Fortune & Wealthy Luck For Your Destiny

Tortoise Is One Of The Four Celestial Animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui.

The Greatest Sign Of Longevity, Stability, Steadiness, Good fortune & Wealthy, Support and Protection


General Enhancements & Effects:

  • Superb Wealth Fetching, Money, Gambling & Sales/Business Luck ; Overcome Debts and Financial Obstacles (For Both Steady/Stable Inflow And Windfall Luck)
  • Career Progression in Corporate ladder & Gain Recognition in different aspects of life (Fame)
  • Boosting Your Good Luck Greatly; Change Bad To Good Luck; Be Successful In Life
  • Enhances Your Loving-Kindness (Metta/Ren Yuan); Be More Charismatic
  • Attracting More Opportunities & Benefactors into your life to support & help you
  • Blessed with Positive Energy to promote healthy state (Longevity)
  • Protection against harm, negativity & assets losses (Guard Your Home)

Composition Of Holy Materials:

Fused With Many kind of Powerful Holy Metal and moulded into the Tortoise form



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